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SoVa is a Scenario, Woodsball & Concept Paintball team operating out of South-Eastern Virginia. We are based out of Gloucester Va. At this time the team plays organized scenario games throughout Virginia and the Eastern United States. We are a very blessed family of paintballers, made up of a variety of individuals from various professions, backgrounds and ages. We look forward to meeting you on the field or the forums!

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  February 24th - 26th - Road to No Ends 3
Awards: Most Valuable Team + 3 MVP's!

Adventure Beach 2011, once again the kick off to the SoVa season, was a huge success! A great time was had by all in attendance. Sixteen members of the team converged upon the field starting as early as Thursday, with everyone coming together on Saturday to kick off the game.

SoVa, looking for a change of pace switched from its normal position on the Knowing to the side of the Hidden this year under General Billy “Greenman” Ford. Under windy skies and great temperatures on Saturday, the game kicked off with the Hidden defending a key portion of the field. The mission objectives of hold seem to be the battle cry of the day all over the facility! Successfully, again and again, the Hidden completed its missions moving the lines of battle throughout the field of play; SoVa was a portion of this in every phase!

The Saturday night play was once again a resounding victory led by SSK for an additional 500 point advance over the forces of the Knowing. (great job SSK!) Sunday’s game play was a nip and tuck battle back and forth throughout its entirety with both sides completing missions and pushing each other’s forces alternately across the field. All in all a great time was had by all of those who attended! The venue, Adventure Beach Paintball Park, is one each of you should attend as they continually strive to put on a better event each year.

At event end, the Hidden claimed victory over the Knowing with SoVa garnering the co-MVT award, Nessy taking home the Sniper MVP, Bunker with the AT MVP and Sturgeon with the Demo MVP. Outstanding job by all who attended. Let’s do this again next year!!!

  December 9th, 2011 - Toys for Tots Charity
Southern Virginia Special Operation (SoVa) once again partnered with the USMC in their efforts for the Toys for tots campaign! In a one day game hosted by The Swamp paintball park, a myriad of players attended, each bringing at least a single donation of an unused toy to be distributed to children this past holiday season, some brought more.

With over 80 players in attendance and over 20 SoVa members working the event a fun and safe time was had by all. In addition to the fun, over 250 pounds of toys were collected by SoVa and distributed to needy children for the Christmas holiday, making a brighter holiday for many kids!

SoVa and The Swamp are looking forward to MANY MORE Charitable events!

  November 4th-6th, 2011 - Fulda Gap 2011
SoVa participated in one of its most prominent exchanges to date, Fulda Gap 2011. The team showing of over 30 players, team captain Aldva as the General for the Warsaw Pact and its members distributed between the Spetsnaz, Anti –Tank divisions and the 117th guards, was stout. The team had is work cut out for them.

However, SoVa rose to the occasion with its members dedicating themselves to the task at hand. The team arrived early afternoon on Thursday, setting up camp and preparing itself for the battle that was to ensue. Its members primed, readied and fed (By Big T) the team and its members met the challenge head on.

Saturday’s game started as planned with the Warsaw pact forces instigating the fight against Nato, however the prowess of the Warsaw pact side left little to doubt on their abilities meeting every goal and challenge hours ahead of the time table prepared by the general--closing the day with a nearly insurmountable advantage over the Nato faction. After a short dinner break, once again Warsaw pact rose to the challenge, overwhelming the Nato faction and bring their defeat even closer.

Sunday as the sun rose, the Warsaw pact once more came to the field ready for battle. However, the rejuvenated Nato faction unleashed their fury and brought a fervor yet unseen to the game! Alas, too little to late, as the game ended in an overwhelming victory for the Warsaw pact and sending SoVa home with its 4th straight victory at Fulda.

Thanks and kudos to all of SoVa's sponsors, family, friends and foes!

  Tango Alpha2 and SoVa team up to fight cancer!
SoVa has been teamiing up with its adopted charity, the American Cancer Society, for a few years now and as such we have an upcoming charity event. What's better than one group of dedicated paintballers and the local community getting together to provide donations for this honorable charity?

TWO fields, teams and communities working together toward the same goal! Tango Alpha2 has decided to dedicate this year's Generation Kill event to one of SoVa's own members, Brian "Bunker" Ingram, whos wife was recently diagnosed and required the help of the Cancer Society.

All of Tango Alpha2's raffle proceeds will be going in her name to the Society! SoVa, the Ingram family, and everyone else involved cannot thank Tango Alpha2 and their paintballers enough for their generous contributions! This goes to show that paintballers are a family who look out for their own.

Read all the details and check out Tango Alpha2's site here!

  February 26th-27th, 2011 - Road to No Ends II
Location: Adventure Beach Paintball in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
SoVa awarded Most Valuable Team - 2nd year in a row!
Most Valuable Player was given to Big T
Most Valuable O/S Role: DEMO was given to Farva
The Sportsmanship Award was given to White Feather

Another highlight is the field-owner's "That was AMAZING" award/mention, which goes out to newly-adopted member Sturgeon (Farva's brother), for "...his incredible grenade throwing skills while confronting the OPFOR tank on multiple occasions from impossible distances."

SoVa, once again siding with the "Knowing" commanded by Team Fracture’s own SAPP, deployed to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the second year in a row to engage the forces of the "Hidden" (commanded by Greenman from Team ODX) at Adventure Beach Paintball. Field owner/manager Kevin Shimwell was onhand as we arrived, and provided great support to all of us!

SoVa was one of the few teams who fielded all of its players prior to "Bird Banger", ready and itching to mow down some "Hidden" forces. The Knowing forces exploded from their DZ at the sound of the starting horn, with Aardvark from SoVa leading the way, and quickly sought out strategically important positions... and rapidly engaging the Hidden forces on their own soil, setting the pace for both teams for the remainder of the weekend. It was obvious that this game was going to come down to missions accomplished, while the battle raged all around the mission teams. SoVa was up to the challenge however, and often led the way on the missions to accomplish the goals set.

The Hidden forces fought back with ferocity and conviction, eventually gaining some important ground of their own. The battle raged back and forth all weekend, often coming down to either the Hidden tank, or the Knowing’s ability to thwart the tanks efforts with SoVa’s own Farva as DEMO as the only factors able to break the stalemate on the field at any given time. The event raged on, points and hearty tactical moves shifting back and forth the whole time. Strong opposition was being met with equally hard pushes. Farva was able to punch through several opposing force lines near the end which would've proved pivotal, but some unclear technicalities prevented those punches from creating the holes needed to secure the win. In the end, Greenman's forces would take final victory after an exciting toss all weekend, a definite hard-earned win.

What lies in store for next year? We look forward to finding out!

  November 5th-7th, 2010 - Fulda Gap
Location: Command Decisions Wargames Center in North Carolina
Awards: SoVa awarded Most Valuable Team - 3rd year in a row!
Nessy awarded Best Anti-Tank Gunner

SoVa fought as members of the NATO forces under general Larry “Iron Man” Rivenbark and Greg “Outcast” Tompkins from Team Rogue Cell at Command Decisions Wargames Center, Fulda Gap 2010, and were able to field 33 members and bring along several allies including our brothers in arms Assault and Battery. SoVa had big plans for this year, siding with NATO to lead the way and prove that it wasn't impossible to win against the odds.

In the beginning it was push and pull for the lead; however the odds were overthrown and after NATO continued to hold their positions against all odds, against past experience, against all opinions they gained the lead and kept it the entire weekend. For the first time in the history of Fulda Gap, NATO was winning!

At approximately 20 minutes before final bird banger, after the 3rd charge upon Gotha Sunday afternoon, Warsaw Pact threw up the white flag in surrender; and for the first time in 6 years, NATO was the victor, shattering the records and perceptions of the past.

  Oct 16th-17th, 2010 - Domination
Location: SplatBrother's in Virginia

SoVa fought as members of the Americans under general Coastie (The Outlaw Crew) and our own Farva as XO at Splatbrothers Paintball Park. We were able to field 27 bodies, comprised of members and guests. The Americans were facing the Russians, under leadership of Jet (BeBop) and his XO Corndog (OFU). Early into the competition it was clear that the Americans would be in the cold iron press of the Russians all weekend! They were able to encircle the American forces before noon on Saturday, and it was pretty much a fight in all directions for SoVa as they ran missions and provided base defense all weekend.

The Russians were able to field some vehicular artillery in the form of tanks and PUGS; always an exciting addition to any event! The Americans had one tank but it was unable to be fielded for the majority of the event. Thus, these two particulars kept the American Anti-Tank personnel busy and without rest for the majority of the game. Punches, paint and props were exchanged all weekend, with the Russians having field control and taunting American forces in all directions.

SoVa, and the Americans, were unaffected, and never lost morale or hope--we continued to confound the opposing forces at every waking moment, pulled off some hair-raising missions, held-off and beat-back the Russians several times, and were able to achieve 1 base kill against the Russians thanks to SoVa members Willow & Bee, despite the Russians' field control!

At the end of the weekend, the Russians were able to pull off victory, but not before prying it from the hands of the Americans who wouldn't surrender even till the end! Congrats to the Russian forces, and everyone who showed up to play! Excellent job and hats-off to the Role Players and our Event Hosts!

  Sep 18th, 2010 - The Battle of 1st Manassas
Location: SplatBrother's in Virginia

SoVa's favorite Viking-lord Farva was the General, with Bluetooth (Social Hazard) as XO, for this epic re-enactment of the infamous battle, battling it out against the North! SoVa had a large turnout to support our team-mate and had several guests on-hand. The weather was gorgeous, and it was a sprint to the finish right from the start.

Throughout the entire beautiful sunny day, the South fought valiantly and maintained control of most every field location while they completed mission after mission, coming up shy of finishing them all by 1. The North did their best to defend what they had and complete their missions in the short 8 hours of game time. But it was futile; the South came out victorious in the end and graciously accepted their hard earned victory with smiles and handshakes.

With the support of all of SoVa's allies, Farva was able to pull out another win!

Event Pics Coming Soon!

  Sep 9th, 2010 - Raptor of SoVa makes headlines
SoVa's very own Raptor (Evan Paradis) makes the University of Conneticut news in a personal interview regarding not only why he chose his career path, but how he set himself up for success to achieve his personal goals.

Quoting Evan, "Happiness is worth more than money to me", when discussing what's influencing his choice of major and career focus.

Good luck Raptor!

Read the Interview!

  June 19th, 2010 - Battle of Yorktown
Location - SplatBrother's in Virginia

Fighting as a force for the Americans under General Goat of team LAPD, SoVa fielded 19 members, one of them as the XO of the event--our very own Aardvark. This was his first time in a major leadership role and we all looked forward to his ability and zeal to step-up!

Initially it seemed that as the day progressed, the Americans had a slight upperhand, with mission upon mission being completed without blockage; however, after lunch, that tide of ease would turn into a firestorm of great proportion as the opposing forces brought the ferocity again and again.

Near the end and the conclusion of the day's event, the air smelled of British victory but as everyone found out, that would (shockingly) not be the case--The Americans skimmed victory from beneath the feet of the British forces! SoVa was humbly proud of Aardvark as he provided excellent leadership and vital ability throughout the day, in his first major leadership role nonetheless!

An excellent time was had by all!

Event Pics coming soon!

  April 16th-18th, 2010 - Operation Onslaught
Location: SplatBrother's in Virginia

SoVa had an outstanding time at this weekend-long event at SplatBrothers! Running alongside other amazing teams such as OFU, Social Hazard, SSK and more, we had the opportunity to blast our way through the weather. We fielded 19 members as part of a large force being led by Pickle of OFU.

The layers of humidity weighed down on everyone, but spirits were always high. The forces on all sides were bulwarks of unmatched proportion as the weekend left the entire park in a cozy blanket of orange, sprinkled with rockets and grenades. On-field were a record number of tanks, including SoVa's new PUG. SoVa was able to lead its units to several victories throughout the weekend, enabling friendly-forces to do their thing.

In the end, the Germans would oust the victory from the Americans, but this was a true Battle of the Bulge, a "paint"-bath till the end!

Event Pics

  May 15th-16th, 2010 - SoVa Successful on Two Fronts
Honors: SoVa earns awards from two events simultaneously, hundreds of miles apart!

SoVa had the opportunity to field two separate forces this past weekend, for two different events, and not only brought home victory on both fronts, but was recognized and given awards at each!

Our larger force led by Aldva, Team Captain of SoVa, fielded 15 people including some guests for our second trip to Blackriver Paintball in Angier North Carolina. The event, Battlestar Galactica: The Fight for Caprica! After it was all said and done, they brought home a coveted Most Valuable Team award, and met many new friends!

Meanwhile, Willow, the Demolitions Officer of SoVa, led a small (but fierce) force consisting of himself, Farva and Bee, at SplatBrothers in Hopewell Virginia. The event was The Alamo! They supported the Mexican forces against thier foes and battled the extremely hot weather, and were able to help the Mexicans secure victory! In addition, Willow was honored with the Most Valuable Player award!

Look for more updates to follow soon, including event write-ups and photos!

  April, 2010 - Spotlight on SoVa
Honors: SoVa is made the SplatBrother's Spotlight Team for April!

Please check out this honor on the SplatBrother's website! Click here for out Spotlight!

  March 13th, 2010 - Hamburger Hill
Awards: SoVa Awarded Most Formidable Opponent!
Location: SplatBrother's in Virginia

The location was Hill 937, on a mountain deep in the jungle-shrouded mountains of South Vietnam in may of 1969. The objective was complete capture of the hill, regardless of the fact it had no strategic or tactical value. The US forces were outnumbered almost 2:1, and had a severe tactical disadvantage, having to battle up the side of the hill which was full of entrenched North-Vietnamese-Army forces. And here unfolds the story, once again...

The US Forces, led by Anamal of team SoVa were pitted against the NVA troops, led by Cowboy of Indecent Exposure. Teams on both sides included forces from SSK, Affliction, OFU, Social Hazard, A&B, Avalon's Fury, Death Dealers, VA Rush and more! Today was to be a day of victory and defeat, it was up to the forces and leadership to determine where the chips would land.

From the birdbanger until the last shot, the day was fierce and in full-swing with paint flying in all directions, small forces pushing up hills, through the mud, into the brush lines and across open fields laden with incoming fire. Like the previous few encounters, this also was a very tough give-and-go for both sides. SoVa was able to field it's PUG, a small one-man walking tank which is quickly becoming a fan favorite for both sides, and though it was able to pack a heavy force-sweeping punch, it was met with formidable opposition by the NVA troops.

OFU & Social Hazard proved to be a piercing thorn in the side of US leadership, as time after time they were able to slowly work their way through holes in the defenses (or make their own), and deliver a blow against the US team, by destroying their CP twice. US forces were able to affectively accomplish missions and sweep up "the hill" numerous times, bringing the fight to the very doorstep of the NVA command post.

Additionally, soldiers met sometimes in hand-to-hand combat complete with some of the best barrel-tagging seen in a long time (caught on film no less), bunker-tags, bunker to bunker close-quarter combat, and advancements on each-other in rooms and buildings, clearing each-other out. Throughout the event, sportsmanship and camaraderie were high, with positive comments, plenty of humor, lots of high-fives and fist-bumps throughout.

At the close of the day, history was changed forever as the NVA took final triumph over the US forces! Congratulations go to SoVa and Social Hazard (NVA) for their Most Formidable Opponent awards, with Most Valuable Teams going to OFU (NVA) and Avalon's Fury (US), as well as everyone who were awarded that day! Congrats go to both generals, Anamal and Cowboy, as this event was their first time as General! Amazing job everyone!

Event pics coming soon!

  February 20th, 2010 - Cold Harbor
Awards: Traffic earns Most Valuable Player
Location: SplatBrother's in Virginia

One of the bloodier battles of the Civil War, occurring just a few miles away from the field, Cold Harbor pitted America's finest from both sides, the Union and Confederate armies, against each-other in a horrendous gridlock. Historically the Union would lose the battle, but could they change that this day?

The Union forces, led by Ductape, went head-on against the Confederate forces, led by Prince John. SoVa joined forces with SSK, Affliction, Social Hazard and others under the Confederate Flag, hoping to ensure victory--and prevent history from being changed.

The weather was perfect, but from the beginning it was evident few other factors would be in favor of either army. Forces were equal on both sides, but the Union soldiers were fierce and unrelenting, providing a daunting task for the Confederates to overcome. The entire event was give and go, every advance forward was not without loss, and every defensive hold was not without an even greater push back.

The day waxed on, but spirits never wore thin, the Union and Confederate soldiers met sometimes in hand-to-hand combat, and advanced on each-other's bases. Throughout the event, sportsmanship and camaraderie were high, with positive comments, plenty of humor, lots of high-fives and fist-bumps throughout.

In the end, the Confederates came away with the victory, but just barely, edging out the Union by only a handful of points. Congratulations are in order for SoVa's very own Traffic, for his hard-earned MVP award! Also, MVT goes to Social Hazard! Always a blessing to see everyone out there! Looking forward to the next event!

Event pics coming soon!

  February 5th-7th, 2010 - The Road to No Ends
Awards: SoVa awarded Most Valuable Team, Willow earns Most Valuable Player
Location: Adventure Beach Paintball in North Carolina

SoVa had an epic blast at Adventure Beach this past weekend! SoVa was joined by fellow Virginia teams SSK & Seek and Destroy, and headed en-masse to ABP in Tabor City for a weekend of friends and fun. While not playing, SoVa enjoyed some recreation time at North Myrtle beach!

It was a hard-fought battle, with face-to-face gridlock from the very beginning. Throughout much of the first day there was a struggle on both sides to claim various portions of the field and enable safe passage of their mission teams, or to deny the same for the opposing forces. As the sun set on the first day, favor was to be found with those on the Knowing team, SoVa, SSK, SAD, and others.

At the dawn of the following day, spirits were high amongst all. Due to some players not able to show up for the game, teams were levelled out amongst the Knowing and Hidden, to make sure everyone had a good time and gameplay was fair. As it so happened, the Knowing side ended up with all of the Virginia teams, and the Hidden side ended up with everyone else (mostly Carolina teams). The Hidden side brought heavy assaults throughout the day, but would never have enough momentum to break the lines of the Virginia teams to make significant difference.

However, one very special set of missions stood out on Sunday for both teams, gaining points for the Hidden, and field control for the Knowing. Each side was allowed a single spy, provided they could accomplish obtaining the spy role through previous missions. The Hidden were able to get their spy to infiltrate our base, and steal the most important prop (The Oracle) from our general. Excellent job Hidden!

Simultaneously, Willow from SoVa was able to obtain the Spy role for the Knowing and was able to infiltrate the enemy base. Though unable to cripple their leadership or steal back the prop due to some excellent tactics on part of the opposing forces, he was able to confound the leadership and cohesion of the enemy forces by leading them into ambushes or providing misinformation to disrupt the forces.

Even after having the major prop stolen, and against an even larger force than their own, the Knowing forces were able to cripple the Hidden, take control of the field and ensure final victory! When it was all said and done, SoVa, SSK & Seek and Destroy were awarded MVT's for their joint efforts in securing the Victory! Willow was also awarded Most Valuable Player of the event!

A freelance photographer was at the event, and provided a good pictorial for the local Tabor City newspaper, The Sun News. You will find photos of SoVa, SSK & Seek and Destroy throughout the pictorial! Link is below.

SoVa News Pictorial

Event Pics

  January 16th, 2010 - The Battle of Bastogne
Awards: Willow earns Most Valuable Player
Location: SplatBrother's in Virginia

SoVa teamed up with the Americans in this World War 2 Classic! Set amidst great odds, the Allied forces were short on supplies and forces, surrounded and under attack, the German General issued a statement.. surrender and maybe get out alive, or simply die. The Allied forces threw down, and fought with relentless vigor. Historically, the Allied forces were able to hold and push the Germans away. However, at this event, history would be changed forever.

True to history, this was a great "Battle of the Bulge", complete with Axis mobile artillery thanks to a tank, Axis forces surrounding the Allied base several times during the day, and give-and-go firefights with no end. SoVa comprised the command structure for the Allied forces, taking leadership from A&B's Sickboy, accomplishing missions and sending their tank and support forces to the respawn point all day.

All had a great time, and history was forever changed as the Axis forces overcame the Allied, by just a handful of points! What a close game! A perfect paintball day with excellent weather, and sportsmanship sky-high amongst everyone in attendance. We closed out the day by joining fellow ballers at a local Pizza Hut for some much earned grub. Looking forward to our next engagement! Congrats to the Axis forces, and all who participated!

Event Pics

  November 6th - 8th, Fulda Gap 2009
Location: Command Decisions Wargames Center in North Carolina

SOVA provided the force and leadership to help bring the Warsaw alliance the victory against the NATO forces! Additionally, SOVA was awarded Most Valuable Core Team, second year in a row! We thank all of our brothers and sisters in arms who joined us for this epic battle to make this possible, the ones who brought their skills, abilities, force and the PAIN!

We want to thank the following who made this possible: SSK, A&B, Va Rush, SAD, Capitol Offense, and others! You know who you are!

Further Team recognition includes Assault & Battery winning Most Valuable Team for the 94th MRD, and Warsaw Pact Legions of Merit (outstanding level of play and sportsmanship) being awarded to SSK, Va Rush, A&B, SAD & SOVA.

Special recognition and awards for individual players include Trey Trainwick (SAD), earning the Most Feared Opponent award from the NATO Alliance, Nessy (SOVA) being chosen by the Warsaw General as his own personal Tank Assassin, and Specialists Aardvark, Headhunter, Penguin, Snapshot and Rappy being chosen to join the Spaetz Naetz (Soviet Special Forces).

Thanks again and we look forward to next year!

Event pics

  October 17th-19th - INVASION!
Location: SplatBrother's in Virginia

SOVA led the Hero's faction of INVASION to victory!

SOVA's own Aldva was our General, opposing visiting General Nyxx who commanded the Villians. Many amazing teams came out for the event and grouped up against each-other for an amazing good time. Endless thanks to all of our allies who secured the win for the Heros!

Additionally, team Assault & Battery held a food drive to support the less fortunate in the area. All teams and individuals were invited to bring what they could. Despite the odds of this economy, everyone's generous donations totaled a record-breaking 800lbs of food! SOVA was blessed to be a part of this effort! Thank you all for your generosity!

Event pics

  October 3rd, 2009 - American Legends Series
Location: Fox Brothers in Virginia

SOVA had a great time writing and reffing this game! Jessie James and his gang went up against The Pinkerton gang, reliving the legend once more to see if history would be changed.

Thanks to all who came out, we look forward to seeing you at the next event!

  September 19th, 2009 - Frankenstein vs Dracula
Awards: Willow earns Most Valuable Player
Location: SplatBrother's in Virginia

SOVA helps Dracula secure the victory, and in putting Frankenstein to rest!

Event pics coming soon!


  September 6th, 2009 - Annual SoVa Family BBQ
Waldo awarded Player of the Quarter!
Mugger awarded special recognition plaque!

Location: SoVa HQ in Gloucester

Pics coming soon!

Friends, Family, Fun was had by all who attended the annual BBQ bash! Looking forward to next year's!

  August 22nd, 2009 - Three Muskateers
Location: SplatBrother's in Virginia
Event Pics

A small SoVa contingency fought with allies in this classic story!

  August 8th, 2009 - Big Game: Fallout
Awards: SoVa earns Most Valuable Team
Event Pics - Location: Black River Paintball in North Carolina


  June 20th, 2009 - Treasure Island
Recognition: SOVA's very own Echo leads the Pirates to victory
Awards: Waldo earns Young Gun Award
Event Pics - Location: SplatBrother's in Virginia


  May 23rd, 2009 - Remember the Alamo
Awards: SOVA awarded Most Valuable Team
Location: Fox Brother's Paintball in Virginia


  May 16th, 2009 - Siege of Troy
Awards: Traffic earns Most Valuable Player
Event Pics - Location: SplatBrother's in Virginia


  May 6th, 2009 - Engler Custom Paintball Guns Awards Sponsors
Engler Custom Paintball Guns
Eric Engler, owner, extended a sponsorship to Team SOVA today! The team feels very honored to have been awarded this. Eric spoke highly of SOVA, saying he approached SOVA after having visited our website & forums on numerous occasion, his positive experience with us at Sherwood in Indiana & EMR in Pennslyvania, and through multiple reccomendations from other players and teams. We look forward to our new relationship and many events in the future!

  May 2nd & 3rd, 2009 - Judge Dredd: The Last Stand
Awards: Aldva earns Most Valuable Player
Event Pics - Location: Sherwood Forest in Indiana


  Apr 18th & 19th, 2009 - Hellstorm of the Third Reich
Awards: SOVA earns Most Valuable Team
Event Pics - Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia

  Apr 4th, 2009 - Serenity
Awards: SOVA earns Allied General, Most Feared Opponent, Most Valuable Player and Most Valuable Team awards
Event Pics - Location: The Swamp in Virginia

  Mar 14th, 2009 - Robin Hood
Awards: SOVA earns Most Valuable Team, Most Valuable Player and Young Gun awards
Event Pics - Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia

  Mar 14th, 2009 - Battle of Stalingrad
Event Pics - Location: Skirmish in Pennslyvania

  Feb 21st, 2009 - Lord of the Flies
Event Pics - Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia
Our own Nate "Farva" Postle played the General role, along with Fireball from Team A&B as his XO. Farva led the Piggies faction to a resounding victory over the Beasties faction at Splatbrothers Paintball Park. It was a great day for paintball. Day time temps were moderate making for an excellent day at the park. Innovative changes at the venue made for new tactical challenges. A fun time was had by all. Team SOVA, A&B, Va Rush, Social Hazard and more sided against teams Afflication, Bebop, Dagger force and others, making the game a memorable experience for all involved.

  Feb 7th, 2009 - SkyNet: Armageddon
Event Pics - Location: Adventure Beach in North Carolina

  Jan 17th, 2009 - Last of the Mohicans
Awards: SOVA earns Young Gun Award
Event Pics - Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia
Justin (Guest of SOVA and nephew of our own Snapshot) wins the Young Gun Award during the Splatbrothers 8 hour scenario Last of the Mohicans. This game was generaled by SOVA's own Traffic and XO'd by A&B's Trapper. General Traffic complimented the guest player strongly, saying "This kid was everwhere and did everything I asked him--and then some"

Outstanding game, Justin!

  Dec 17th, 2008 - Congrats to Steve "ScubbaSteve" Stepp
Stephen "ScubbaSteve" Stepp Jr graduated from the Newport News Policy Academy today. After 3 months of intense training and schools, Steve has completed the arduous task of the Academy. He commences his tenure with the Police department this coming Sunday on the streets of Newport News. The team would like to wish him continued success, safety and best wishes for a prosperous career.

  Nov 22nd, 2008 - Iwo Jima
Awards: SOVA awarded Most Valuable Team
Event Pics - Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia
Team SOVA with 19 members representing on the field, fought for the cause of the Japanese in the Battle of Iwo Jima at Slatbrothers Paintball Park in Hopewell, Va. In attendence were Aldva, Guppy, Discdogger, VooDoo, Devastator, Willow, Bee, Scarecrow, Traffic, Aardvark, Nessy, Blaine, Snapshop, Solo, Farva and prospective members and guests, Tommy "Big T" Hill, Coyote, Mike (brother of Coyote) and compliments of Rick AJ Blaylock - Stubbie (Friend of Aardvark).

Weather was cold, but spirits were high. SOVA hit the field well before birdbanger and they were ready to roll. Many players distinguished themselves throughout the day. However, more than ever before Chase "Traffic" Morris stood hands above the rest. Successfully completing a multitude of missions himself, Traffic was found all over the field, assaulting the enemy CP alongside of Team Captain Aldva, blowing up bridges and staging coup's all over the battleground. Traffic distinguished himself as an outstanding baller and received the MVP award from our commanding general.

Kudos, to Traffic, a world class player in the making!

  Nov 17th, 2008 - DiscDogger wins 2008 Championship Award
Congrats to DiscDogger and dog Cory for earning the 2008 Flying Disc Dog Open International Pro Disc Dog Skill Championship. This is DiscDogger's 3rd Championship award!

  Nov 6th & 7th, 2008 - Fulda Gap 2008
Awards: SOVA awarded Most Valuable Team
Event Pics - Location: Fulda Gap in North Carolina
Team SOVA with 9 members and guests representing on the field assisted in the victorious advances of the Warsaw Pact forces at Fulda Gap 2008. Attending the game were team captain Aldva, Voodoo, Guppy, Devastator, Scarecrow, Aardvark, H-Bomb, Nessy and Tommy "Big T" Hill. Held in Taylorsville NC this Mil Sim game sould be touted as the east Coast's BEST mil-Sim Scenario. The game was outstanding. Terrain, tactics and opposition were by far the best mil-sim paintball SOVA has ever seen. A great time was had by all at an event atteneded by over 600 players, a myriad of vendors, sponsors and media. This was truly a national event. The game has some rigoous terrain, excellent playing enviroment, top notch playing fields and some of the best players the East Coast has to offer. At Games' end, Warsaw Pact forces won a resounding victory and for its actions on the field, the Warsaw pact General bestowed MVT Award upon Team SOVA.

  Nov 1st & 2nd, 2008 - War of the Worlds III 26hr Scenario
Awards: SOVA awarded Most Formidable Opponent & Young Gun
Event Pics - Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia
Team SOVA with 32 members and guests representing on the field, supported by their families in the base camp, garnered the Victory by leading the human alliance to triumph over alien forces at Splatbrothers and Big T Alternate Reality Games' War of the Worlds III. The Human forces were led by Devastator and VooDoo of team SOVA. A good time was had by all who attended, with a huge debt of gratitude bestowed upon Jennifer Spears for organizing, preparing and coordinating all the food for the entire weekend along with overseeing all base camp activities. She was assited on the field by Sarah Stepp, Diane Porter and Jennifer Wilson. For the teams endeavors, the alien general bestowed upon team SOVA the Most Formidable Opponent award and the Human general gave Tristan "Bubman" Porter the Young Gun award.

  Sep 20th, 2008 - Battle of Monte Cassino
Awards: SOVA awarded Most Valuable Team
Event Pics - Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia
Team SOVA with 27 members and guests attended Splatbrothers, Battle of Monte Cassino. A target rich envriroment greeted the stalwart warriors of teams SOVA. Probably, the most paint consuming game in SOVA's history for all members involved. Playing for American General Spike of Team BeBop. SOVA met its German enemy head-on in a day long battle loosely based on the World War II Battle of Monte Cassino. A good time was had by those who attended, although the German onslaught was more than the American forces could withstand--sending the American forces home with a loss. However, for SOVA's unending and "never-give-up, never back down" endeavors on the field, the pummeling of German forces by SOVA's Demo Squad, Team SOVA earned MVT award for the American forces.

  Sep 1st, 2008 - Tippmann Extravaganza
Awards: SOVA earns Sportsmanship Award
Event Pics - Location: EMR in Pennslyvania
Team SOVA with 11 members, attended the 2008 Tippmann Extravaganza at EMR paintball park in New Milford PA. A great time was had by all. Intense battle, unimaginable castles and some outstanding players were what greeted the team. 2 days of excellent paintball with some very good weather made for some long term memories that will not be forgotten. All this, topped off at the awards ceremony as team SOVA brings home the Sportsmanship award. Outstanding play by all who attended! Our hats are off to Wideguy of Team VooDoo and Maniac of Pub Crawling who were general and XO of our Axis forces in the battle. Outstanding job!

  Aug 23rd, 2008 - Battle of Bunker Hill
Awards: SOVA earns Young Gun Award
Event Pics - Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia
SOVA, A&B, Merc's and others win for the Americans At Bunker Hill. Team SOVA member "SnapShot" wins young gun award at the event. In a pitched battle, The Americans came out victorious over British forces in the Battle of Bunker Hill at Splatbrothers paintball park in Hopewell Va. Outstanding job by all those involved and a big congratulations to Snapshot!

  Aug 9th, 2008 - Congrats to Guppy who has a new Grandson
Congrats to our own, Allan "Guppy" Weintraut on the birth of his grandson. Daughter Alaina is doing fine. Guppy will miss our August 23rd game to travel to Florida to see his daughter and meet his new grandson. Where are the cigars Guppy?

  Aug 7th, 2008 - Ronn Stern Paintball Camp
- Location: Virginia

Today, SOVA participated in the final day of the Ronn Stern Paintball camp for 2008. SOVA along with Assault & Battery played Opfor against the camp attendees, instructors and a couple of drafted players from A&B and SOVA (To help even the odds). A good day was had by all. Three games were run against the campers. Attending this game were: Team Captain Aldva, Guppy, Bee, Voodoo, Pappa John, Slinky, Penguin, Scarecrow and Lil John. At the end of the day as the last of the campers were leaving, A&B and SOVA had a couple scrimmage fights that were a blast as well.

  Aug 1st, 2008 - Members deploy to the Middle East
SOVA's own Head Hunter and Convict have been, or are being, deployed to the Middle East. It is with great concern that we send off to of our brethern to the Middle east. They will both be serving our country via the military in the worlds hot spot. Convict should be returning later this fall and Headhunter early next year. We wish them both well and speedy returns as they will be missed.

Our prayers and thoughts will alway be with them until their safe return. Their sacrifice is our gain, defending our country, way of life and well being. This is the most we could ask of anyone. Safe journeys to you both and each and everyone one of us, look forward to your return.

  Jul 26th, 2008 - SP Anarchy joins SOVA
After meeting on July 22, 2008 SOVA members met to entertain a proposal to allow all personnel from SP Anarchy to join ranks with Southern Virginia Special Operations. After several months of the two teams working alonside one another, circustances had brought forth an offer from SP Anarchy to join forces with SOVA. Team SOVA, after deliberations on the 22nd, voted unanamously to open its doors carte-blanche and allow immediate membership to all team Anarchy's members.

Team SOVA warmly welcomes the the whole of team SP Anarchy into its fold and looks forward to a long and eventful relationship with its members. We look forward to the joining of these groups of people under one banner, representing our region and scenario paintball. The gratitude from all goes out to Devstator and his family for hosting the meeting.

  Jul 19th, 2008 - Battle of San Juan Hill
Awards: SOVA earns Most Valuable Team & Most Valuable Player
Event Pics - Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia

During a day frought with twists and turns, Southern Virginia Special Ops (SOVA) definately had their fair share. Starting the morning of the game we found that what we thought to be the opposing team had just lost their general, due to a loss in the family. We went on to find that not only did they lose their general but also the centerpiece of his command, his own 20+ person team.

Shortly, after this became known, SOVA team captain Aldva was approached by Park officials to switch to the American side to help even out the playing field. While playing paintball is a great time, having a rout in the game makes the game no fun for anyone. Paintball first, team SOVA accepted and was switched to the American side. As the morning wore on, it became increasingly concerning that the American XO had not made it to the field. Player briefing was held, still no XO. (With the loss of the American general, it falls upon the XO to step into the generals shoes) Once again, team SOVA stepped up to the task and vonunteered to fill the generals shoes should the XO not arrive and to XO for the new general should he arrive. Luckily, just prior to game on, Pickle (OFU) the now American general, did arrive.

While drama like this is rare, it still does take a lot of adaptation to overcome. However team SOVA stepped up to the task, although totally unprepared for its role in this event, fighting on the opposing side for which we had intended and fielding only a limited number of personnel for the event. SOVA and their American allies fought the entire day neck to neck against the adept Spanish army--that just prior to final battle the point spread was only 30 points differance between the opposing forces.

The final battle, however, did seal the fate of our endeavors. Although heavily outnumbered (a large group of American players left mid day), the American forces staged several epic attempts to win. Courageous advances by Bee, Guppy, Scarecrow, ScubbaSteve and other members of the American army were thwarted. This lent the final battle to fall into the hands of the Spanish.

Our hats go off to the members of team Anarchy and Enterprise for standing alongside of us once again. It was a long hot day and as in the past they once again have proven to be our brothers in arms. We shall look forward to many more events fighting alongside of them. Many thanks to our American general Pickle for bestowing upon team SOVA the Most Valuable team award and the Most Valuable Player Award to our own Scarecrow.

  Jun 14th, 2008 - Siege of Khe Sanh
Awards: Aldva earns Most Valuable Player
- Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia

  May 12th, 2008 - New Kent Paintball Games
- Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia

  May 3rd, 2008 - The Battle of Malvern Hill
Awards: SOVA earns Most Valuable team and Scarecrow earns Most Formidable Opponent
- Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia

  Apr 4th - 6th, 2008 - Day of the Immortals 26hr Scenario
Event Pics - Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia

  Mar 1st, 2008 - Operation Market Garden
- Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia

  Jan 26th, 2008 - Battle of Inchon
Awards: SOVA earns Most Valuable Team
- Location: Splatbrother's in Virginia

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