Recognition and Awards

Team Awards
Member Awards
Player of the Year
2008 Player of the Year

Tim "Scarecrow" Johnson
Intra-Team Player Awards
At each of the quarterly meetings, The SoVa Team Captain bestows upon a player of team SoVa recognition for their play, team promotion, professionalism, sportsmanship, assistance and/or portrayal of the game of scenario paintball; which, in his mind, exemplifies the team motto of "Raising the Standard" This in no way means that others have not done their part; It is only to honor those who have portrayed SoVa and its mission, above the call of duty.
Past Honorees
April 2008 Jesse "Squirrel" Miller
June 2008 Terry "Willow" Sessoms
September 2008 Alan "Guppy" Weintraut
December 2008 Stephen "Nessy" Ness
February 2009 Mike "VooDoo" Morris
June 2009 QT "Aardvark" Nguyen
Combat Infantry Badge
The SoVa Combat Infantry Badge is awarded for actions unheralded, team dedication, participation and actions promoting team and the sport of paintball.
Past Honorees
December 2008 Tristan "Bubman" Porter
 QT "Aardvark" Nguyen
 Steve "ScubbaSteve" Stepp
Award for Excellence
Past Honorees
December 2008 Terry "Willow" Sessoms
 Stephen "Nessy" Ness
 Chase "Traffic" Morris
 Mike "VooDoo" Morris